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Formula for Success :

Ability + Attitude + Activity

= Achievement.



Schools, Ministries, Statutory Boards

“Apelles’ presentation was informative, entertaining and enlightening. His presentation was both humorous and entertaining, while still getting the main message across to the audience. That’s a hard combination to achieve, but he did it with style and grace. Though it was a talk on financial competence, he gave people food for thought with his funny twists on real-life situations. In doing so, he was able to convey a deeper message about succeeding in life and work. His ability to connect to a variety of personalities, cultures, and ages is a true gift! Keep it up and my unreserved recommendation!"


Dr Frederick Toke

Director for Psychological Studies, Lee Community College




“Apelles is a very effective speaker who was able to get the message across using facts and practical examples. He was very jovial, knowledgeable and able to get people interested in the topics. The contents were very useful and communicated the important points in financial planning. The talk delivered was very engaging and entertaining. Personally, I enjoy the talk very much cos it brought up topics which I have long wanted to find out but did not do anything about it. The participants too were very pleased with the talk and some expressed that we should organize more future talks of this nature.”


Daisy Ang

Vice Chairman, Zhenghua-Jelapang RC




“On behalf of the institution, I would like to thank you for sharing with us aspects of financial intelligence in this financial crisis. Many of us enjoyed the talk which was both engaging and entertaining.”


Ong Pak Shoon

Executive Manager, Singapore Institution of Safety Officers




“The talk on Financial Intelligence was both very informative, succinct and fluently delivered. It was a nice warm sharing, tastefully done and peppered with great humour, home-spun stories and personal experiences. It’s probably the best talk I have heard on this important subject of letting your money work for you. Apelles is frank, sincere, warm and engaging. You feel that he is speaking with you though you are in an audience of 100. Strongly recommended for an encore, a repeat for those who have not had the opportunity to hear him share some sound financial tips, and sing too!”


Wong Soon Lee

Manager, Health Sciences Authority




“We would like to thank Apelles for coming down to our office in Jurong Island to share on Financial Intelligence. It was very entertaining and interesting. The sharing on the book “Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often” is really useful."


Yeo Chong Peng

Manager (AFM Dept), Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences




"In general, the feedback from the staff on this talk is very positive. The trainer has done a very good job in engaging the audience… "


Viola Tan

Asst Manager (HRDO), PSB Corporation




“Apelles is very knowledgeable and he engaged the audience in a lively manner with jokes. The talk provided a useful broad overview about financial intelligence. The contents presented were applicable to people with little or no financial knowledge. The talk stirred thoughts not just about financial matters, but also about various meaningful aspects of life.”


Major Charlie Tan

Cardinal Officer, 201 SQN




“This is the most interesting financial literacy talk I have ever seen: there’s music and lots of interaction between Apelles and the participants as well as interaction between participants. I am also amazed that Apelles was able to cover such a wide range of finance topics in such a short time without losing them along the way. It is a like watching one of those ‘The complete works of Shakespeare in one hour’ performances!”


Damien Wang

Librarian, National Library Board




“The talk is informative, entertaining and educational. The staff really enjoyed the talk. Apelles delivered it in a most engaging and humorous way. Thanks so much!”


Major Carol Ong

Cardinal Officer, 110 Squadron, RSAF




“Apelles is an engaging speaker. He spoke with passion on the topic and was able to engage everyone. He presented the topic in a light-hearted and simple manner, thus making it easy for everyone to absorb the information given. Everyone present enjoyed the session a lot and felt that good financial planning tips were given.”


Christina Tan

SFE Co-Ordinator, Mayflower Secondary School




“Apelles has the charisma to catch the audience’s attention. Generally, he is able to engage the audience effectively during the talk and they found his tips on financial intelligence practical to everyday life. Our colleagues have remarked that Apelles has the relevant knowledge on the topic and has established good rapport with the audience. We appreciate that he has taken time to speak to our staff. I can see that our staff have enjoyed themselves and believe that they will find his sharing meaningful for their financial planning in the future.”


June Tay

Human Resource, National Heart Centre




“The talk has been educational and beneficial. It is entertaining and the speaker, undoubted ably, has delivered it very, very well. The materials given to the participants have been informative and helpful."


Halifi Ramli

Human Resource, Building Technology Department, HDB




“I feel that it was a good and enjoyable session. The members like your high energy style of delivering the message and it was very professionally done. Thanks again for a great session.”


Lee Seow Chong

Events Organizer, SDU




“We gathered the ground feedback from those who attended the talk and overall it was positive. We also received many requests from our MOE officers to invite Apelles again to do another talk sometime this year, probably on another topic about health care, motivation, etc. We must truly comment about the speaker, Mr Apelles, as his delivery through music and stories were excellent and I was surprised the topic on Financial Intelligence was not boring at all. Thanks again!”


Ahmad Shah Bin Abdul Ghani

Sports and Recreation Officer, Ministry of Education




“Apelles is a dynamic and engaging speaker who delivered his talk in a fun and entertaining manner with his spontaneous jokes and songs. It is evident that the participants have enjoyed his talk tremendously and can easily relate to what he had presented. A well delivered and informative talk! He certainly heightened the participants’ sense of the importance of financial planning in their lives.”


Philemon Tan

Human Resource, PSA Club




“Fun, exciting and educational!”


Celeste Koh

Committee Member, Nanyang Schools Alumni Association




"Mr Apelles Poh is a most engaging and informative speaker. And I've not heard a single negative comment from any teacher. Some were concerned that the talk would extend into their teaching times but Mr Poh managed to close and end on time, so that was good. I guess our staff wouldn't mind listening more if it were not such a time sensitive period before the classes start. Once again , thank you so much for sharing with our teachers."


Ong Min Ann

Organising Teacher, National Junior College




Thanks again for making time so early in the morning to come and talk to and motivate the students. Your delivery through song, anecdotes and personal experiences engaged the students and they enjoyed it. We could observe that the students were listening. The "6 questions to ask" that was shared was a succinct way of getting the students to look at things from different perspectives and in turn build up their adversity quotient. 


Malini D/O Sowrierajoo Sitaram

School Counsellor, Riverside Secondary School





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