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Formula for Success :

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= Achievement.



Non-Profit Organisations

"Apelles' talk on 'Turning Problems Into Possibilities' in 'Toastmasters Awarenss Month 2015' was lively, humorous and engaging with plenty of examples, anecdotes and stories. By systematically asking ourselves the Seven Questions in his presentation, our fears can be dispelled and we can embrace a more positive mindset to see possibilities instead of problems in our work and life."


Alvin Ong

Division U Governor (2014/2015), District 80, Toastmasters International




“The members have definitely benefited from this educational and enriching session. Apelles is able to apply Biblical principles to the world of investments and financial planning, providing a balanced view and sound advice to the congregation. He preaches the Word with zest and life and connects well to the people.”


Pastor Alfred Yeo

Zion Full Gospel Church




“It is amazing how a topic on Biblical Financial Management can be so engaging, humourous and readily applicable to today’s world. Indeed, the members have learned a lot and are blest by Apelles’ teaching.”


Pastor Lawrence Yoshi Matsuwaki

Every Nation Church




“If you're looking for a fun and engaging speaker to give your congregation or community a talk on work-life balance, financial intelligence, communication and other subjects, I want to highly recommend my dear friend, Pastor Apelles Poh, to come and support you. He's an excellent marketplace minister and communicator of God's Word. His books and ministry have been well-received by various companies and churches in Singapore and other countries. Pastor Apelles is a very lively and engaging speaker with a tremendous zest for life. His messages are practical, inspiring, and always peppered with wit and humour. For many years as one of his young protégés, I have drunk from his well and have been deeply impacted by his genuine love for God and people. I am truly grateful to God for this man’s investment in my life and the great friendship we enjoy today.”


Pastor Tan Hock Cheng

Shekinah Assembly of God Church




“Very lively and entertaining. Able to make the complicated stuff sound simple and easy to understand. Able to connect well with the audience with his use of illustrations which are close to the heart and very colloquial.”


Pastor Andy Goh

Grace Methodist Church




"Pastor Apelles is a very strong communicator who brings the word of God across in a very practical and jovial manner. The church is indeed blessed by his ministry and we look forward to having him back with us."


Pastor Janet

Emmanuel Assembly of God




"Apelles Poh's messages are practical, inspirational and relevant to our daily life and very engaging as he shares from his wealth of life experiences."


Pastor Lawrence Koo

New Horizon Church




“The experience that Apelles accumulated over the years in serving people in the area of wealth management has benefited the attendees of his session here at Calvary. He was able to deliver important facts about financial planning and inspired the Calvarite attendees to take action towards becoming better stewards of both their health and wealth and to truly fulfill God's purposes in our lives. We were blessed by his life story and God's imparted wisdom in managing our finances!”


Pastor Gerald

Senior Pastor, Calvary Assembly Of God




“Apelles is a very entertaining speaker and engages the audience effectively. I really enjoyed myself and I know my colleagues feel the same.”


Eunice Teo

Assistant HR Manager, National Kidney Foundation




“Apelles is a natural speaker and trainer. Having sat through his sessions, I thoroughly enjoyed them. His pleasant persona, the humility he displayed, his music and the humor he injects in his sessions made it all the more fun, engaging, interesting and entertaining. It is indeed a great pleasure to hear and learn (lots to learn) from him. Kudos to you Apelles Poh....thumbs up!”


Evelyn Khong

Principal Consultant, Family Central - a service by Fei Yue Community Services




“This is indeed an inspiring and interesting sharing on managing financial issues. It is a light-hearted approach to a serious topic. Practical tips and guidance on issues that are essential to our lives…the money matters. A reality check on how we can manage our finances and live life to the fullest with what we earn.”


Jessie Toh

Programme Executive, Fei Yue Community Services




“The talk was successful and the participation response from our members was very good. It was very informative, fun and beneficial, providing value information for our members on Financial Intelligence.”


Mohamed Nazri

Events Executive, Singapore Swimming Club




"The seminar was biblical, professional and interesting. It began with personal testimonies of giving sacrificially to God and to people. The 7 steps in financial planning are holistic. They cover both short and long term aspects. After attending the seminar, I was glad that there were steps that I had already taken and I also discovered that there are some areas that I need to work on. Thanks Pastor Apelles!"


Pastor Tan Koon Hian

Maranatha Christian Assembly




"Apelles and Linda Poh from Singapore ministered in our church, (Abundant Life Ministries), in Grangeville, Idaho this Sunday 5 July 15. The message Breaking Out of the Box was relevant, timely and spoke to the people. Apelles delivered the message in a very understandable way with many examples and with much humor. His style of speaking will keep the most sleepy of saint awake and engaged!"


Wayne and Sarah Wasem

Missionaries, World Harvest Outreach Ministries, Idaho USA




"We were very much blest by Ps. Apelles' ministry with us. His sermon 'Breaking Out Of The Box' was soul-searching, inspiring and timely for us at Church of Praise. May God continue to use this humble servant of His to expand and extend His kingdom. We will definitely invite him back."


Pastor Michael Yeo

Church of Praise , JB , Malaysia

"Apelles is a very knowledgeable and experienced Financial Advisor and at the same time an excellent communicator who speaks with passion. He provided Biblical perspective on financial stewardship and he makes financial planning simple, practical and easy to follow. He used many relevant anecdotes which drew lots of laughter at the same time brought across the important principles. Not only did he speak passionately on finance, he also spoke passionately on missions! If you are looking for a speaker on practical Biblical stewardship, I strongly recommend Apelles. We look forward to invite you back again."

Chia Beng Hock

Senior Pastor, Bethel Assembly of God

"Apelles spoke with great passion on 'Shining In The Marketplace'. This talkative boy in class became a sought after motivation speaker, preacher and a successful financial planner. As light is not inhabited, he brought the blessings from the marketplace to bless the lives of the poor and needy children in the Philippines. Very inspiring and engaging sermon."

Chia Beng Hock

Senior Pastor, Bethel Assembly of God

"The talk was really informative and many of my colleagues thoroughly enjoyed the talk. I'm happy to see them being more aware on the importance of financial stability after retirement. Some of them also agreed for private meet ups."



Organiser, Bukit Batok Polyclinic


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