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Formula for Success :

Ability + Attitude + Activity

= Achievement.





“On behalf of all our staff, we like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Apelles Poh for his valuable presentation in sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience. He does it in such an interesting and entertaining manner, that we want to come back for more.”


George Khoo

General Manager, Petro- Diamonds Singapore




"Most of my staff commented they enjoyed the session conducted by Apelles. It was entertaining and memorable… Thanks again for arranging the seminar. "


Alison Chong

Director, Pramerica Real Estate Investors (Asia) Pte Ltd




“Although our organization is not as large as the multi-national corporations, you were no less passionate in your delivery. All the personnel were captivated by your engaging and humorous presentation. I have never seen them this alert, active and participative. Not a single person left his seat throughout the session. In fact, some of them were still talking about the seminar and you, as the speaker a week after the session. Thanks again!”


Florence Ang

Vice President, Human Resource, Andover Capital




“By and large, the talk was very well received. Many have never imagined financial planning talk can be fun and entertaining. Most importantly, the talk has help to set some direction for people on the approach they should begin with. It has also reinforced the financial planning concept onto people who are already doing financial planning.”


Lau Kiam Seng

VP of Recreation Club, 3M




“Yes, our staff enjoyed the talk. Their feedback is very good, and several of them have requested that we organize another session next year for those who missed this. Thank you once again.”


Edward Foong

Senior Assistant Vice President, Group Human Resource, Mediacorp Pte Ltd




"The talk has been very interesting & enriching. All the staff enjoyed the talk very much and it’s interactive. Apelles is a fun & enlightening speaker who is able to put the message across easily. Our staff is excited to want to know more." 


Stephanie Tan

Senior HR Manager, Sembawang Kimtrans Ltd




"Apelles has conducted 2 seminars to our employees in June 2005 on Financial Intelligence. His presentations were interesting, informative and useful. We found his style of presenting lively, engaging and humorous… His presentations were filled with interesting stories and anecdotes. His cheerful and friendly demeanor was also well-received by our employees. Overall, they found his talk useful and informative and felt it was time well-spent... "


Patrick Sean

HR Manager, Lubrizol Southeast Asia Pte Ltd




“Useful information shared in a fun, entertaining and easy-to-understand manner. Apelles was able to engage the audience and made the session fun. The staff enjoyed and benefited from the session.”


Trevor Chua

Training Manager, Fraser & Neave (S) Pte Ltd




“This topic is definitely a good one as it is very relevant in today’s world. Apelles is very lively and humorous in his delivery and kept the audience engaged. Thank you once again for conducting this talk for our staff.”


Diana Kwek

Training and Development Manager, DHL Logistics Asia Pacific




“The talk given by Apelles was very lively, interesting, enriching and most importantly, it exposed the participants to the awareness of financial intelligence (“don’t anyhow buy!”). Most of us were wiser after attending the talk and understood the various different investment plans and the risks involved. Thanks for sharing, Apelles!”


Ronald Lim

HR Manager, World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd




“Very educational programme! Apelles is very humourous and his approach to the topic on Financial Intelligence is very well received by my staff. Overall great!”


Karen Tay

HR & Corporate Support Manager, Draeger Safety Asia Pte Ltd




“Apelles made the whole talk lively and interesting. It’s amazing how he can deliver a financial talk, which is usually known as a serious and boring topic, in such a fun and interactive manner! We look forward to attending more of his talks in the near future!”


Jasmine Chan

HR Manager, Toshiba Electronics Asia (S) Pte Ltd




“The speaker was able to deliver the talk on Financial Intelligence in a simple, light-hearted and participative way. Good tips on financial planning.”


Lee Lay Nah

HR Manager, Guoco Land




“The speaker, Apelles Poh, can bond very well with the audience. He delivers his speech well and is able to convey boring facts into interesting truths and insights.”


Gin Lim

HR Manager, PureChem Veolia Environment Services




“Apelles, is no doubt an excellent presenter.  His talk was so interesting and enlightening and is easy to understand and very educational. From the beginning to the end of the talk, he was able to engage the audience without any difficulty.  He is also very humorous, jovial and entertaining.  He has a lovely voice, sings, and plays the guitar well, too. We enjoyed and benefitted very much from the talk!"


Lynn Kat

HR Manager, Leica Instruments (S) Pte Ltd




“Thank you for coming by my office to prsent the talk. The talk is very lively and educational. Many staff feedback that now they are more mindful about "needs" and "wants" when spending. This is indeed a beneficial talk for all to attend.”


Daniel Tay

HR Manager, LTW Designworks Pte Ltd




"I enjoyed the talk very much. It was not only interesting and informative, but also interactive. The songs that Apelles sang really helped get the people together, and they shook hands with one other. Apelles was great!!"


Alice Foo

PA to Regional HR Manager, Celanese Singapore Pte Ltd




"Thanks so much for doing up the Financial Education Talk yesterday.  I must say that I am really impressed with the whole event! And this is the first time I come across a speaker who is sooooo humble. Your assistants are also well-trained and extremely helpful."


Joshua Li
Human Resources, EPCOS Pte Ltd




"Before I write about how wonderful this session has been, I would like to personally thank you for all the efforts and laughter that you’d shared with us. Apelles is both entertaining and enlightening. UPS is honored to have Apelles educating us on how to be financially intelligent. The tips are practical and valuable. Everyone was at full-attention and was truly well-informed… The talk is FANTASTIC!"


Wileen Chew

Training Specialist, UPS




“The talk is very entertaining and engaging. The topic is relevant to our staff’s needs. Many have enjoyed the presentation and desired to take charge of their financial life.”


Cheok Ban Heng

Staff Recreation-in-charge, SMRT




"Apelles is very jovial and can communicate well with the audience. The talk is very useful to our staff. I believe our staff enjoyed the session and have learned something valuable today. "


Serene Koh

Welfare Committee Officer, SingTel




“The talk is very interesting and entertaining. The feedback from my colleagues is very positive. Apelles is very jovial and is able to capture the attention of the audience easily for a subject that is generally known to be a little boring. Some of the information given are very useful too. Overall, it’s a very educative and enlightening talk. Thanks for the experience.”


Mandy Cheong

Corporate Communications, Singapore Pools (Pte) Ltd




"Apelles is a good trainer. He made the session interesting with his superb presentation style. He brought not only his expertise but also his energy to the session. He was able to make learning fun and effective. Thank you.”



Associate (HR), CPG Corporation




“Our staff enjoyed the talk. The speaker is engaging and entertaining. Many of our staff have learned more about the importance of retirement and estate planning.”


Lee Yoke Foong

Corporate Communication, United Engineers




“Apelles is an entertaining speaker who is not only able to capture the interests of the audience but also engage them in his presentation. A fun and interesting talk. The staff learnt more about financial issues in a light-hearted manner.”


Sim Siew Lan

Human Resource, Singapore Turf Club




“This talk can quell the misconception that all lunchtime talks on financial matters are into hard selling and most of our staff are very wary when HR organizes such talk. However, some of our colleagues were very surprised that Apelles’ talk is so interesting and engaging and as some said…”when he talks, our eyes never leave his face!”  Apelles’ humourous approach in getting his message across will surely leave a very lasting impression on some of our younger staff members to start planning early in life.”


Jenny Oh

Senior HR Executive, Singapore Polymer Corp (Pte) Ltd




"The moment Apelles broke out into a song, we knew that this would be unlike any of the other talks we had before. Besides singing, Apelles had many stories and experiences to share which were engaging for all participants. His down-to-earth demeanour put the audience at ease and many were comfortable to approach him after the session for advice. Highly recommended!"


Joh Kia Boon

Senior Executive, Keppel Land Limited




“I must say, Apelles makes the session interesting and entertaining through his singing and his lively personality. The content of the presentation is well structured and tailored to educate on the basics of financial intelligence. Overall, our staff had a fruitful and enjoyable session.”


Jane Lum

HR Executive, Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd




“We find Apelles has excellent presentation techniques! He makes his Financial Intelligence Talk different from the rest, by treating us appetizers, which are singing and playing the guitar, as well as desserts, which are cracking jokes, and relating stories to concepts. If not for the time constraint, we would have enjoyed the main course more."


Hazel Tan

Business Resource Analyst, Caterpillar Logistics Services Inc




“Enriching, very important especially for Singaporeans. Living standard is high, urgency to plan for retirement needs. Learnt a lot within 1 hour of talk, especially life quotes shared by Apelles.”


Mary Ong

HR Personnel, BRC Asia Limited



“Apelles is an engaging speaker who is able to relate the technical contents to daily life, making the talk understandable. The ice-breaker (Apelles’ singing) is an innovative approach. His format and presentation is good as it showed his credentials and reference to current affairs (newspaper cuttings).”


Tan Yushan

Senior HR Administrator, Advanced Micro Devices (S) Pte Ltd




“Apelles is a very good speaker, entertaining, engaging and humorous.  The staff really enjoyed the talk and the topic is relevant to them.”


Alice Chan

Admin Manager, UGL Services Premas Operations Limited

I personally find the talk very inspiring and the 7  questions that you have posed made me think more of my problems and my concerns in a different light.  It was an afternoon well spent listening to you and your stories.  Thank you for extending your time and doing this talk for us. 

Celeste Hidalgo

Human Resources, EMC

Apelles was very engaging and knowledgeable in the financial topic. He imparted a lot of useful info and tips on options to invest our money. The talk was delivered in lighthearted manner and all my colleagues enjoyed the session. Don't miss it and sign up now!

Rachel Toh

HR Manager, Firmenich

Apelles Poh is a charismatic speaker who has the ability to engage his audience in a refreshing way through his great sense of humor while delivering priceless to impactful information to empower others with critical thinking skills that will improve their quality of living to mental resilience to weather the storms of life. His exemplary ways of being kind, generous, loving and passionate about making the world a better place is an inspiration for many to follow. I highly recommend my colleagues, friends and clients to learn from this principle centered man whom I strongly believe will have a positive impact in their lives. 

Nelson Chong

Founder and CEO, Functional Training Institute

I found Apelles to be very authentic as these are personal lessons gained from handling his own setback in life to turn problems into possibilities. His sharing was punched with humor yet thought provoking! Not a boring moment indeed!

Jenny Ng

Deputy Manager Human Resources, Olam

Apelles captured the crowd's attention the moment he started strumming his guitar. He is passionate about sharing his experience and passing on invaluable knowledge to the audience. Everyone was listening attentively and kept engaged throughout the talk!

Wen Jin, Seah
SRC Social Committee, Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd.







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