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Life is for learning; Learning is for life.

For Financial Planners

A learner is an earner; an earner is a learner.


Apelles Poh will generously share on his vast experiences and proven systems and processes and enable you, as a financial services practitioner to soar to greater heights in this challenging business.


Financial and Insurance firms can choose from any of the following sessions :-

  • How To Build A Successful Financial Planning Business

  • Becoming The Adviser Of Choice

  • How To Sell A Fridge To An Eskimo

  • Getting Referrals - The SABRE Way

  • Facts Tell, Stories Sell

  • Turning Challenges into Possibilities - 7 Power Questions to Build Resilience in Life and Work





How To Build A Successful Financial Planning Business

Talk Duration : 1.5 hours


Apelles will share on his 23 years’ journey in the financial services industry, and the systems and processes developed to grow from product selling to creating a practice that propelled him to have one of the highest Assets Under Advice (AUA) in Singapore. He has also achieved 23 consecutive years MDRT, including 4 years COT and 7 years TOT honours.


You too, can discover and apply the 5 pillars to building a successful financial practice – Passion, Professionalism, Profitability, Processes and Purpose and how they can jumpstart your business to the next level.





Becoming The Adviser Of Choice

The Power of Vision, Action And Passion

Talk Duration : 1 to 1.5 hours


With increasing regulations, significant changes in technology and clients’ growing expectations, how can we, as practitioners, continue to thrive and excel in these changing times? Come and learn the power of having a compelling Vision, a comprehensive Action plan, and an empowering inner Passion to overcome these challenges and press on to greater heights.





How To Sell A Fridge To An Eskimo

Talk Duration : 2 hours


The life insurance business is a “people business”. Our success depends on our ability to influence people to “buy us”, our concepts and our products.


Come and learn the 4 socio-psychological principles of how to connect to people instantly and to influence and convert prospects into life-long clients. You will learn to increase your credibility, sincerity, likeability with your prospects and clients and learn how to close bigger and more cases per client.


This intensive yet fun-filled seminar cum workshop is peppered with songs, anecdotes, true-life experiences and a huge serving of examples to make this a most enjoyable learning experience.


Getting Referrals - The SABRE Way

Talk Duration : 1.5 hours


Learn how you can reach your MDRT goal by getting more and better referrals through the SABRE way. 


A simple and easily applicable method of getting referrals that has helped Apelles Poh achieved the MDRT honours for 11 consecutive years, with another 4 years COT, and 7 years TOT, without having to do a single cold call on the telephone.





Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Talk Duration : 1 to 1.5 hours


It has been said that simplicity is the highest complexity. The ability to tell stories to clarify and simplify concepts and ideas is a great asset in life. Come and learn the art of story-selling to quickly and effectively connect and communicate with your prospects and clients and leapfrog your sales in your career. Truly, it is facts that tell and stories that sell!

"Turning Challenges into Possibilities" - 7 Power Questions to Build Resilience in Life and Work

Talk Duration : 1 to 1.5 hours


Someone once jested that life isn’t always smooth – if it were, we are already dead. Indeed, life often presents to us many ups and downs, highs and lows, joys and adversities. Our Adversity Quotient is often a big factor contributing to our success in life, family and work.


Come and learn the 7 Power Questions which you can use immediately and turn your setbacks into comebacks, your test into a testimony, your trial into a triumph and your problems into possibilities. When you change your perspective, you can change your life!

Building Your Emotional Quotient Through Better Communication Skills

Talk Duration : 1.5 to 2 hours


It has been said that in life, it is not just IQ that is important; EQ is equally important. In working life, it is not just what you know but who you know; not just who you know, but who knows you; not just who knows you but who likes you - that makes the difference.


You will learn how to build up your prospects’ and clients’ Emotional Bank Account and convert them to be your referrers and fans. Practical tips on good and poor communication skills will be shared.


Discover the Parent, Adult and Child Ego states inherent in all of us and how to transact with the effective ego-states.


Understand what makes us tick, and how to connect to people fast and to build up your EQ and strengthen the important relationships in your life. And grow your business as you grow your people skills with prospects and clients.


A humorous presentation peppered with anecdotes and life experiences not to be missed!






Calling all HR and Training & Development folks!


If you are looking for quality, engaging and relevant training for your company or organisation,

connect with Apelles Poh for a friendly discussion.



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