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Formula for Success :

Ability + Attitude + Activity

= Achievement.



Financial & Insurance Firms


"Apelles has many years of experience in the financial services arena. He is able to condense these into precise and easy-to-apply concepts. His delivery is entertaining and he is very passionate in his sharing. I would highly recommend him if you want a training filled with energy, motivation, key take-away points and laughter."


Gregory Fok

Chairperson, Spore MDRT




"Apelles is not only humorous but also impactful in his delivery. He keeps the audience entertained and engaged throughout the whole session. Well done, Apelles!"


Angie Ong

Head of Learning Centre, Manulife Singapore Pte Ltd




"Apelles has delivered excellent sales tips and motivational stories in his training sessions. The audience connects well with him and can easily understand his concepts and ideas. I would highly recommend him to speak to a wide range of participants. "



Winson Yap

Chief Insurance Officer, Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore Ltd




An Amazing

      Professional who

      Excels in everything he does! 


A  League Leader all above the rest, and yet he is
Life Mentor to many others; always so willing to share the secrets of his success.


An Easy-going person who simply loves to sing at all occasions.


One who

      Soars on Wings Like Eagles….Will Run and Not Grow Weary… Will Walk and Not Grow Faint…


This is Apelles Poh!!


Christopher Teo

CEO, Professional Investment Advisory Services




“Not only was it enjoyable, it was actually profoundly meaningful and compact with the amazing combination of loving work, living life all at the same time. That is typically Apelles Poh himself! He is indeed a living example of the facts and stories he shares. Frankly, he is one of the very few people I know who would practice what he preaches (literally)! I take pride in knowing that we both share the same vision of growing business and helping people. With that, thank you for further inspiring us to do so.”

Paul Khoo

CEO, Standard Financial Adviser Sdn Bhd




“I have thoroughly enjoyed Apelles’ presentation. His ‘localised’ humour has endeared him well with the audience. He is able to bring ‘technical’ subjects down to the level of the audience, thus giving the best value for the audience."


Lim Yan Chang

President, Malaysia Association of Chartered Financial Consultants




"Your talk was very motivating and inspiring and it really helped our advisers in changing their mindset to measure success not just by numbers but also by caring and loving others. You have acted on what you have so strongly spoken and believed in and I salute you for this."


Alfred Sek

President, Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) Malaysia




“Brilliant and Inspiring!"


Alvin Yap

CEO, A.D. Capital Sdn Bhd




“Overall the session was well received as Apelles had a good combination of skills and motivation-based training and the audience was very comfortable with him. He connected very well with the audience with his sincere and humorous style of presentation. Well done!”


Andy Ng

Vice President, Centre for Excellence, Great Eastern Life Assurance (M) Berhad




"Apelles Poh is a true-to-label top class Financial Adviser Practitioner in the region. In his practise master class, he showed how he has transformed his practise to a professional, practical, passionate and yet profitable financial planning business model. His call to provide solutions to best meet the needs of clients rather than pushing products is a much needed piece of advice in today's challenging financial landscape. His talks are both informative and inspiring."


Phang Kar Yew

Executive Director, Harveston Advisory Group, Malaysia




"I have had the good fortune of knowing and making friends with Apelles soon after I met him after taking up the responsibility of setting up iFAST platform in India. Apelles went on to be the key speaker for our launch meeting in Bangalore. From that day onwards, I must say, there has always been a demand for Apelles to visit India, share his experiences and thereby coach and train IFAs. I strongly believe that Apelles and his team have in them a deep understanding of the interactions that take place between clients and IFAs and this helps them deliver training to IFAs that is relevant, real and result-oriented and comes with a large dosage of humour and personal life experiences. I highly recommend him."


Rajesh Krishnamoorthy

Managing Director, iFAST Financial India Pvt. Ltd.




"Thank you for the motivational speech at the iFast Global Wealth Symposium in Krawkow, Poland. Ever since that session, I’ll always ask myself 'What could have been worse?’ and ‘What can I learn from this?’ and I realized that I can manage my emotions and handle situations much better. Thank you as this has greatly changed my perspective and helped me in my day to day management of people and situations." 


Lim Wee Kiong

GM, Platform Services, iFAST Financial Pte Ltd




"The 7 Questions that Apelles shared on 'Turning Problems into Possibilities' were simple to understand, meaningful to inspire, and practical to implement. More importantly, his talk is both engaging and entertaining. He will change your perspective and he might just change your life."


Jeff Lee

CEO, Synergy Financial Advisers




Apelles Poh has demonstrated a classic example of not only a dynamic trainer, full of humor to impart knowledge but a man who walks by his talk.  A true Christian leader, a visionary and an advocate for the poor. His personal testimony both in career and community service has influenced many to follow his footsteps.


Robert Cheah

Chairman, Lions Group, Great Eastern Life Malaysia


Apelles Poh is a very engaging and highly motivational platform speaker. He lives up to the two traits which he advocates strongly - Likeability and Credibility. His ideas are encompassing and his values are sound. He is lively in his presentation, and sincere in his sharing. Being a practitioner himself, his illustrations are practical and relevant. He is also hghly entertaining. His incorporation of songs and stories makes the seminar interesting and impactful. To Apelles, Thank You! May you continue the spirit of excellence and keep up the good work!

Jesslyn Tan

CEO, Great Eastern Financial Advisory 

Apelles packed his 23 years of experience and made the session engaging, enriching and yet simple steps for the participants to follow. He shared with gusto, how to touch people's lives with passion, discipline and positive forward thinking necessary to succeed in this industry. Although a veteran with strings of accolades, he is a humble man who displayed the whole man concept that is taught in this industry, and devotes part of his time for the poor, sick and needy. In a nutshell : A session that energizes all, especially the young ones, who are aspiring to succeed in this business by caring for his clients, so that we can render help to those who can't care for themselves. May God continue to bless you as you enlarge your tent.

Sarah Soh,

Head of Product Development, Manulife Financial Advisory




Thank you Mr Apelles Poh for speaking. I am very pleased to let you know that from feedback received for both your Main Platform and Workshop Session, attendees at the AFA(S) Conference 2016 were all pleasantly appreciative of your talks. Indeeed, you were rated as one with a higher positive review among the various local and international speakers. Once again, a Big Thank You for your participation. 

Raymond Ng,

Chairman, AFA(S) Annual Conference 2016 


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