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Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often

In Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often, Apelles Poh empowers and enrich readers with a fountain of wisdom and practical advice for greater fulfillment in personal lives, relationships and work.

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Have you ever wished that life would be less complicated and more fulfilling in today's ever-shifting terrain of modern living?


Author Apelles Poh in Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often presents an inspirational, holistic approach to enlighten, empower and enrich those who wish to find greater fulfillment and a better balance in their personal life, relationships and work.


With penetrating insights, both personal and culled from great minds past and present, Apelles flavours the book with engaging anecdotes to put forth an appealing and timely message that is badly needed in an increasingly hectic and chaotic world.


Divided into 4 parts and 28 thought provoking chapters, Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often is a fountain of wisdom and practical advice that is both entertaining and easy to grasp.


Peppered with illuminating quips, quotes, short stories, and a dash of humour, the book is also a good resource for leaders, educators, managers, presenters and anyone who wants to become a better communicator.




Book Contents








Chapter 1 : Building The Three Pillars of Success In Life





Chapter 2 : He Who Has No Dreams Is Living A Nightmare

Chapter 3 : As A Man Thinks, So He Becomes

Chapter 4 : We See the World Not As It Is But As We Are

Chapter 5 : What Lies Behind You, and What Lies In Front Of You, Is Small Compared to What Lies Within You

Chapter 6 : Thing Big, Start Small, Grow Deep

Chapter 7 : The Quality Of Your Life Depends On The Quality Of The Questions You Ask In Life

Chapter 8 : I Don't Feel Stressed, Just Stretched

Chapter 9 : The Seeds Of Adversity, When Sown In The Right Soil, Will Bear The Fruits Of Opportunity

Chapter 10 : Live A Balanced Life, Not Life On A Balance





Chapter 11 : Carpe Diem ..... Seize The Day!

Chapter 12 : Everyone Lands Up Somewhere Eventually, But Not Everyone Lands Up Somewhere Eventually On Purpose

Chapter 13 : Don't Just Fill Your Life With Days, But Fill Your Days With Life

Chapter 14 : Without Commitment, Nothing Much That Is Meaningful Happens In Life

Chapter 15 : The Great Thing In Life Is Not Where We Are But Which Direction We Are Heading

Chapter 16 : If We Keep Doing What We Have Always Done, We Will Get What We Have Always Gotten

Chapter 17 : Success Comes In "Cans" Not In "Can'ts"

Chapter 18 : Making Sure Your Golden Years Are Golden, Not Grey

Chapter 19 : Slow Down To Catch Up





Chapter 20 : Love People And Use Things Rather Than Use People And Love Things

Chapter 21 : It Is Better To Light A Candle, Than To Curse The Darkness

Chapter 22 : You Can Give Without Loving But You Cannot Love Without Giving

Chapter 23 : Hatred Is Like Taking Poison And Hoping The Other Dies

Chapter 24 : The Secret Of Loving Is Not To Love In Secret

Chapter 25 : The Four Keys To A Good Marriage (Or For That Matter Most Relationships)

Chapter 26 : The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth

Chapter 27 : The Eight Rules Of Relationships (Part I)

Chapter 28 : The Eight Rules Of Relationships (Part II)





Book Reviews

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"Everyday practical wisdom for happy, effective living."


Moh Hon Meng

CEO, Estatebuzz Pte Ltd

Co-founder, iFAST Corporation Pte Ltd




“Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often - Reflections to Empower Your Life Journey by Apelles Poh is a self-help inspirational book, full of nuggets of practical wisdom and memorable phrases which will transform your thinking, enrich your relationships and empower you in your life’s journey.  The book is largely based on what the author defines as the three pillars of success in life: Spirituality (Inward journey), Skills (Onward journey) and Relationships (Outward journey). Each chapter has a catchy proverbial phrase e.g. “As a Man Thinks, So He Becomes” or “Don’t Just Fill Your Life with Days, but Fill Your Days with Life” which make you want to dive into it straightaway and uncover the insights. Moreover, if you are a fan of self-help motivational books such as “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey” or “The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren”, many of the sharing in this book by the author will certainly resonate with you as they did for me. I highly recommend this book for all leaders who aspire to reflect on their purpose in life and want to know the tools to live such an enlightened, enriched and empowered life."


Alvin Ong

Chief Information Officer, Integrated Health Information System, Alexandra Health System, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

Division U Governor, District 80, Toastmasters International




"A treasure trove of inspirational insights, empowering quotes, engaging and humourous stories that will reframe your mind and refresh your soul."


Reverend Dominic Yeo

General Superintendent, The Assemblies of God of Singapore

Senior Pastor, Trinity Christian Centre, Singapore

Special Feature on Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often

Article Contribution, AG Times, 2012

Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee giving out book to lucky price winner at Architects of Life event, Apr 17

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