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Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

Book Reviews for

Facts Tell, Stories Sell


“I have known Apelles Poh to be one of the most successful financial planners in Singapore. When a person with Apelles' credentials generously shares on the key ingredients to his success through a book, all practicing and aspiring financial planners should grab the chance to read through the book thoroughly. A practical and inspiring book for practitioners in the financial services and in sales and marketing."


Lim Chung Chun

Chairman & CEO, iFAST Financial, Spore's leading investment platform




“Apelles Poh is a great storyteller and a motivational speaker. I enjoyed reading this book and the stories he used to communicate and connect with his audience. I highly recommend Facts Tell, Stories Sell to practitioners who want to increase their sales and grow their business."


Lance Tay

CEO, Tokio Marine Life Singapore




“An excellent handbook for ‘newbies’ and seasoned practitioners to hone their skills in connecting and communicating with their clients. The five Ps – Passion, Professionalism, Profitability, Processes and Purposes are insightful, instructive and can help you to build a successful practice too.”


Nishit Majmudar

CEO, Aviva Ltd




“His keen observation of human behaviours and the responses thereof are of themselves worth the read. The message of this book is as relevant as it is in the future. The fundamental motivation of the human being has not changed – that is as long as there is love for another human being, there will always be a need for good financial advisors. This book will challenge you, whether you are a rookie or an ‘old hand’, to step out of your comfort zone and experience a breakthrough in your sales and business.”                              


Peter Siong

Vice President & Head, Sales Division, NTUC Income




"Storytelling is one of the most effective forms of communication and that was what drew me to Apelles Poh’s second book Facts Tell, Stories Sell. Written in his trademark conversational and candid style, this book is best described as an all-in-one instructional manual on how to be successful at sales supported by plenty of personal stories, anecdotes and illustrations.  Apelles shares his philosophy (he doesn’t want to use the word “secrets”) on how to remain positive despite unfavourable circumstances, how to build a successful financial planning practice, how to leverage on your clients for referrals, how to strengthen your interpersonal communication skills, how to build deeper relationships with your clients and how to improve your ability to influence others.  There is so much wealth of information being covered in this book that any aspiring sales professional would be strongly encouraged to read it thoroughly and gradually add the knowledge to his repertoire over time. Although I am not a sales professional, I found the book very useful in elevating my understanding of and respect for the financial planning profession. "


Alvin Ong

Chief Information Officer, Integrated Health Information System, Alexandra Health System, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

Division U Governor, District 80, Toastmasters International




“What impresses me about this book is that Apelles was able to articulate the scientifically proven Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) treament modality in a simple and yet profound manner. CBT is a psychotherapeutic approach that addresses dysfunctional emotions, maladaptive behaviours, and cognitive processes and contents through a number of goal-oriented, explicit systematic procedures. The way Apelles skillfully weaves science as one of his strategies of succes is an art in itself and thus, made it a joy to read."


Dr Fred Toke

Clinical Director, Celebrating Life Resource Centre




"Knowing is not enough, we must apply! Being willing is not enough, we must do! Apelles' humbling success in this field taught me that great wisdom grows from consistently applying one's knowledge with versatility and adaptibility. This is the true spirit of an entrepreneur!"


Nelson Chong

Founder & CEO, Funtional Training Institute

Honoree Spirit of Enterprise Award 2013




"Read this book not just because you want to be a trusted, knowledgeable and highly sought-after financial advisor but also because you want to learn to be a confidant in life to the people that you are helping. Apelles has become more than a financial advisor to me. He has become a very dependable friend. His experiences and quotes that are dotted throughout the book will definitely help open up your mind and lift your spirit."


Terence Chiuh

Strategic Communications Director, Toffees & Devs Communications Pte Ltd




"This interesting and highly readable book is a treasure trove of precious gems! Having known Apelles for over 20 years, first as my pastor and today a very dear friend, I have greatly benefitted from his wisdom and practical insights into life. Drawing on his unique experience that crosses both marketplace and pastoral ministry, Apelles has poignantly translated his years of gleanings into powerful principles and practical handles. Each chapter is packed with real-life examples and interesting anecdotes. You will be richly blessed!"


Pastor Tan Hock Cheng

Senior Pastor, Shekinah Assembly of God




"In Facts Tell, Stories Sell, Apelles generously shares about his secrets to success in the financial planning industry. What amazed me most was that this book is not solely for financial planners. It is also for anyone in a sales position in any industry. Even as a full-time blogger, I have found this book a most enriching read. It is more than just a book about sales. It is one about communication, about relationships, and about life. I highly recommend this book!"


Grace Tan

Author, Blogging For A Living

Award-Winning Singaporean Business and Lifestyle Blogger

Best Individual Blog winner; Singapore Blog Awards 2013;




"Apelles has served and advised me and my family on our financial planning needs for more than a decade. I like his way of doing holistic financial planning, even covering areas such as will writing and lasting power of attorney. This book is a distillation of his work and philosophy in life and business. I have learned a lot from it and I highly recommend it!"


Robert Ng Sun

Professional Engineer, RNS and Associates

"Hi Apelles, I would like to show my sincere gratitude. I bought your book Facts Tell, Stories Sell and I applied what you taught and I manage to be in the top 20 percent in Great Eastern - we call it "The Achievers" category in Great Eastern. The stories you have given and how you mention the importance of values are truly inspiring, they change my perceptions of how I should deal with life and do things. The quotes are really inspiring too. I have also recommended my other colleagues to get your book and to learn to apply what you have written. In all, I am truly grateful to you and wishing you the best in whatever you do!"


Xinyi Toh

I have just finished reading your 2 books. They are Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often and Facts Tell, Stories Sell. Wow wow wow I enjoyed them so much. I was never someone who loves reading but I was literally glued to the book all day (ok, except away for shower and meal times). My only feedback for you is to write more books please! God Bless!

Jasmin Leng

Bethel Assembly of God

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